Why invest in a PV system?

There are a number of reasons to invest in PV systems.

One is to reduce the amount of fossil-fuel traditional energy is burning, and reduce the associated co2 pollution. 1kWh or unit of power is equivalent to 1kg of co2.

Another is to invest in an energy-producing improvement to a property. Solar is not an expense, it is an investment. A $5,000 home entertainment system, boat or holiday, will not pay for itself, or provide a return on investment for 40+years. In fact, after about 5-7 years, most people will spend another $5k+ on upgrading their entertainment system etc.

A lot of people like the security of reducing the amount of electricity they buy from the grid because it makes them less vulnerable to future price increases. Lets face it - electricity is only going to cost more as time goes on. You would have seen & heard the news of price rises such as: "The Western Australia Office of Energy has recommended a 78 per cent increase to the charges for household electricity over the next two years, to bring prices into line with supply costs." (ABC News 30 Jan 2009).
A system that is designed to match your power consumption will permanently insulate you from the ever increasing cost of grid power.
Consider installing an expandable system that will enable you to add extra panels to meet your usage. To do this, have the right inverter installed from the start, with the minimum number of panels required for it to run.
Gradually add extra panels until yo have met or exceeded your consumption.

Check your bill to see what your daily average consumption is. It is possible to completely offset your power bill by designing and installing a matched system to your daily energy use. An energy audit of the electrical efficiency of appliances and fittings, and understanding the effect of using these items is recommended. This may save a considerable amount of power by reducing the daily consumption of a property. PPS can provide this service.

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