Can the Lowest Price the "Best Deal"?

Not with Solar Power Systems. You generally get what you pay for, and it's possible that a low price could be the sign of an inferior product & installation. A flood of inferior equipment and installation practices into the market has already led to some cheaper system failures & reduced performance, therefore, price should not be the only consideration, and quality should probably rank highest on your list.

Sometimes though, inferior systems and components are marketed as high price, premium products. A case in point is the new wave of "power conditioner" devices that have emerged onto the market. We have inspected a typical device currently being marketed for thousands of dollars each, and found that they contain no features or components that will influence a user's power bill at all. This is despite the advertised 25% minimum bill reduction. The device contained no intelligent circuitry, and the only silicon devices onboard (diodes) were there to make the green power light come on.

PPS will only supply & recommend equipment that has a solid, proven track record in the international market. We are not tied to any one manufacturer, enabling us to select the components that will give our customers what they require. PV systems can last well over a quarter of a century (40+yrs) if high quality installation practices and equipment are used, so it makes sense to invest in durable, dependable components.

PPS can never be the cheapest in the market. We know how cheap works when it comes to tradesmen, service & equipment. PPS value our quality staff & tradesmen as much as we value our customers. We plan to be here for the life of your installations, providing excellent ongoing customer support, warranty and advice. A business with standards like ours will price their products and services to make sure customers are dealing with industry qualified expert staff, capable of delivering a lifetime of peace of mind. When you invest in a PPS solution, you can buy in confidence.

All our system components have excellent, industry best manufacturer’s warranties. Examples include 12(expandable to 25)yr manufacturer warranty on Solar Edge inverters, alongside 10 yr structural warranty, & 25 year PV Output performance guarantee of all panels. At PPS we cover our installation work with our System Lifetime Quality of Workmanship Warranty.

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