Government Rebates

Currently, Government Rebates for Grid Connected solar electricity come from a number of sources, here are a few:

1. SHCP $8,000 means tested rebate from the Australian Federal Government for residential grid-connected solar. This Rebate ended on 9 June 09. We completed our last batch of applications for the SHCP.
2. AusIndustry Programs 50% rebate for Office Buidings under the Green Building Fund, and 30% for Manufacturers with the Re-tooling for Climate Change program.
3. NSSP and Solar Schools The Federal Govt is providing $50,000 with the NSSP grant for schools to educate our children about energy efficiency, and renewable energy. We are also combining the NSSP and SEDO Solar Schools grant of $12,500 in order to install some unique systems in our local schools. This rebate has been wound down
4. RECís where the amount varies according to the size of the system. These are commonly used to offset the purchase & installation of the system, or extra accessories. From 9 June 2009, there is a new scheme to assist purchasers utilizing the REC's generated by their system. A purchaser will now receive 5x the value of the REC's for the first 1.5kW's. Update this has now been reduced back to pre 2009 levels of 1:1

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