The Grid Connected Solar array

A Grid Connected Solar system reduces your electricity bill. To do this it collects the sun’s energy with solar panels, and then converts this energy into mains power using an inverter. The Grid Connection is done through your meter box. Western Power can allow installation of systems up to 10kW for single phase and 30kW for three phase.
Keep in mind that Synergy will currently pay a feed in tariff for residential systems with inverters sized up to 5kW.

Up until now, when the mains power fails, your inverter will shut down for safety reasons.

PPS can now supply solar backup systems that keep the power on, even after a power failure, day and night.

This will maintain essential equipment such as computer servers, refrigeration, lighting, etc. Build a system that puts the power back in your hands, use your solar power day & night. Contact us for details.

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