Hybrid Off-Grid Power system - Mundaring

Last year PPS provided electrical & technical support for the installation of Peter Holland's (ABC News etc) power system upgrade.
Peter's power system at the time consisted of batteries, 2x electric forklift battery chargers, a 2.5kW inverter, and 2x diesel Gensets.

Original system:

The system upgrade consisted of 6kW's of ground-mount PV, 1x AC Coupled PV inverter, and an Island inverter in the powerhouse.
The system design was based around Peter's existing 24V battery bank.

Our role was to perform the power system electrical installation & then upgrades to the electrical systems onsite. Once completed, this progressed to customizing Genset runtimes, which incorporated solar power/genset interlocks, & battery SOC triggered control override.
Even Peter's old single cylinder Lister Genset had an upgrade, and is now also able to automatically support the power system.

As the system is a mix of current & previous-gen technology, with components rebounding off each other there have been some quirks to iron out along the way .
These were solved by unlocking & adapting atypical modes & features of both types of equipment.

As it stands, Peter is happy with his system's extended performance, and PPS's support & commitment.
We look forward to supporting Peter into the future with any of his power requirements.

Personal Recommendation

"Planetary Power Solutions was a key member of the installation team of my solar/diesel hybrid power system.
Subsequently, Adrian Hawke of PPS has managed the post-installation settling-in.

Adrian has demonstrated an impressive knowledge and understanding of the complex technology under-pinning the system's operation. He has persevered with apparently intractable problems and found solutions, often involving innovative adjustments not previously known to be possible.

Hallmarks of Planetary Power Solutions approach are:
Attention to detail, creativity, resourcefulness and initiative.

Peter Holland
Mundaring WA"

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