FIMAR Group is an excellent example of a commercial installation.

Having a desire to be as independent from the grid as possible, FIMAR requested an expandable solar power system. With this in mind, PPS designed a 30kW installation based on 6x modular 5kW (4950W) systems. This allows expansion to 9.9kW/phase, to keep within the Western Power requirements of no more than 10kW/phase.

This was made possible using the latest cell technology found in the brand new Sunpower SP225 panels. Each SP225 produces 1kWh/day minimum annual average, so each panel is equivalent to one unit of power on FIMAR's electricity bill.

Shown here is 22x SP225's in 2 strings of 11, installed on Arrid Tilt Frames. FIMAR's roof slopes south, the tilt frames enable the system to yield 18% more energy than installing the panels flat against the roof.

PPS also organized to replace the existing electric storage HWS with a Conergy Solar HWS.

The solar energy is fed into a 5kW SMA Sunny Mini Central inverter, Data Logging is through a SMA Web Box, and will display the instantaneous, daily and total energy production, along with the co2 emission reduction of the system.

FIMAR also have a server room that requires backup power. PPS have installed a 9kWh backup system using the OutBack 3048 inverter and 4x sealed Gel Cells.
The advantage of this installation is that the backup system is supported by the solar array during a daytime outage. This means the batteries are only covering an off peak night time power failure.

Both the solar & backup systems are modular, allowing expansion to suit FIMAR's future growth.

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