Seine Bay Apartments Augusta

At 27kW's this is the largest Grid Connect system in the South West to date.
We began consulting with New Wave Developments on the Seine Bay project in 2007. Initial designs were for a centralized inverter, and 18 separate arrays.

PPS's first job was re-designing the installation into 18 individual systems, eliminating the requirement and cost for over two kilometers of DC cabling.
Using the AC coupling format meant that any excess energy not consumed within an individual apartment would be fed back through the AC Sub-Main to the Main Switchboard, with the added bonus of providing a supply conditioning effect.

  • Equipment
  • PPS have installed 126 Sunpower SP215 panels in 4 days on 18x Arrid Easyrail frames. These are to be fed into 18 of SMA's "Sunny Boy" SB1700 inverters.

    Sunpower panels have the highest efficiency performance ratings currently available.
    SMA inverters, made in Germany, have the lions share of the Grid Tied market in the world due to their excellent performance & reputation.
    Arrid Easyrail, designed and made here in Australia, is a fully certified mounting system. This rail system is an un-complicated and neat design, that eliminates the use of multiple brackets & bolts to install the array.


    The above development was completed in May 2009.

    To our knowledge, Seine Bay Apartments is currently the largest residential solar installation in Western Australia, representing a new benchmark in the area of environmentally responsible architecture.

    Of the various companies considered, Planetary Power Solutions (PPS) were selected to supply the 27kW grid connected PV Solar system. This decision was made based on PPS’s knowledge & understanding of the current PV and inverter technologies available in the marketplace, how well each of these would help us reach our target, and confidence in PPS’s ability to deliver the project.

    Adrian Hawke from PPS examined our initial designs and highlighted areas which could be improved to provide not only a more beneficial system to each apartment, but deliver significant cost savings in the construction of the system. After some consideration, these recommendations were adopted and deployed in the final design & construction.

    PPS provided samples of various PV modules, inverters, and mounting frames, and explained the specifications & characteristics of each. We went with the equipment recommended by PPS, based on this information.

    One of the key components necessary to the installation of a PV system at Seine Bay, was securing a 50% rebate for the system from SEDO. PPS assisted us with securing the Fringe of Grid Rebate throughout the whole process. The communication from PPS was excellent, we always knew what was happening, what was needed, and what to expect.

    PPS’s installation team was efficient & professional, and delivered what was expected on time and on budget, without any surprises or delays. We are very pleased with the end result, and would happily recommend PPS to anyone considering a similar project.

    We look forward to working with PPS on future projects.

    Yours sincerely,

    Jamie Challis
    Managing Director

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